How to configure att email with outlook?

Do you too want to configure your ATT email with outlook? Or are you also wandering and roaming on the internet searching, "what are the AT&T outlook 2022 settings"?

Then mate you have landed on the right page at the right time, come sit on the first bench we are providing a full and simple guide to configure ATT email with outlook.

Let's begin.

Guide to Configure ATT email with outlook.

 Here are the simple steps that will assist you in configuring email settings for outlook 365.

  • First, select the 

"File" tab.

  • Then, head to "

Add account".

  • In the third step, provide your "

Email address" and hit on "Connect". 

  • Now, you will see, choose either " IMAP or SMTP".
  • Then add the following information given in the box below and hit 


ATT Outlook 2022 Settings

For your better understanding and reducing the possibilities of errors, we have created two separate tables for configuring " ATT email settings for outlook 365".


  • (AT&T) IMAP server

  • IMAP port


  • IMAP security


  • IMAP username

Your fu mail address.

  • IMAP password

 Your password.


  • (At&T) SMTP server

  • SMTP port 


  • SMTP security


  • SMTP username

Your full Email address.

  • SMTP password

Your password.

The takeaway.

We have provided both the steps as well as settings to configure your ATT email with outlook.

By following the above information, you can access data from ATT and simultaneously enjoy features of outlook like calendars, accounts and contacts.We hope that we have ended your quest of how to configure ATT email with outlook 365.


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