How to recover a Gmail account without a recovery
email and phone number?

Gmail is the most known mailing server in India. It is widely used all over India. Forgetting the Gmail password is a very common thing nowadays. But you need not worry if you face this problem, as Google has provided a feature to reset passwords through different methods. 

Gmail is a very popular email server for sending and receiving mails, it constantly works to make its users more satisfied. Your users google provide a password reset function for the users who forget their password. 

You can recover your Gmail password if in case your Gmail account is lost, or you forgot your password or your account has been taken by someone is who not responsible. 

 There are many methods to recover your password among which we can recover your password without your phone number and recovery email.

 The methods to recover passwords given below require a browser only. We can use a browser like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari, opera, or others. 

You can reset your password at any device available with you be it a cellphone, tablet, iPhone, or laptop. You just require a stable internet connection for recovering your password. 

 We can set the password with a working phone number or a recovery email of our Gmail account easily by following some easy steps. 

To recover your Gmail password without a phone number or a recovery email the only method to recover the password is to answer the security question of our account. The security question is a question that was asked from us at the time of making the Gmail account. These questions are easy and are asked for security reasons too, later on, configure the account if we forget our password and don’t have a recovery email or a phone number. 

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