Facebook not Responding error FIXED

Facebook has become a crucial part not only for individuals but also for a business world where everyone needs to connect altogether. But what happens if you fail to operate smoothly cause of some glitches and errors in your features. This article carries on with six ways to help you deal with Facebook stops responding errors.  

1. Method: Relaunch the Facebook App 

Sometimes, alteration in Facebook data or its getting corrupted can cause your Facebook to stop responding. The easiest and direct way to sort it out is to restart the app.  

2. Method: Restart your Android phone or the iPhone 

If the phone has been in use for a long, the probability of collecting cache in the background goes high, thus it can hinder the functioning of a certain app. That is why you are advised to restart your phone.  

3. Method: Switch to a faster network connection 

As we know Facebook consumes data to load and lets you command certain actions such as posting things on a timeline or uploading pictures. If you happen to receive “timed out” or “no internet connection” immediately switch to fast connectivity.  

4. Method: Clean the device storage 

Unnecessary or high storage can cause Facebook to stop responding along with other apps. Foremost check the storage and then clean it by tapping on settings> about> storage. 

5. Method: Update your Facebook App 

Facebook keeps updating its features for giving a better experience to its users. If your Facebook is not responding, make sure you have updated it. You can check it in app stores.  

6. Method: Update your device’s system 

Even after successfully updating the Facebook app, you still face responding issues; you need to update the system of your device. Since an old version of your phone can not respond with the updated versions of apps, it needs to be updated. 

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