How to Activate Windows 10

Nowadays, almost all fabulous computers and laptops come with widows 10 preinstalled as their operating system. But if you have upgraded your system by using SD cards or any other means, and now want to install Windows 10, read the article by the end. 

How to Activate Windows 10?

Windows 10 activation can be done through two methods- using a product key or via a digital license. Let’s see how each of them works! 

Install Windows 10 using a Product Key

  • If you want to activate Windows 10 in your system with a product key, you need your product key license. 
  • Enter the product key license for installing Windows 10
  • First, press on the Windows button
  • Then go to settings
  • Under the settings, section click on update and security > Activation > Change product key 
  • Now, provide the Product Key in the Pop-up box Click on Next and then Activate. 

Install Windows 10 using a Digital License 

  • Reach the Activation section by following the steps mentioned under windows 10 activation using a product key
  • Now, select the option I don’t have a product key 
  • Set up the Windows 10 with your linked MS Account 
  • Log in to Windows 10 using the same linked Microsoft Account 
  • This Process will automatically activate Windows 10 on your computer. However, malware can cause issues. If you find any such issues associated with malware and viruses, follow these steps
  • Click on the windows key then to settings > Update and Security > Activation 
  • If you find the window is not installed, press and search troubleshoot 
  • Select the Activate Windows
  • If it asks to select, I changed hardware on this device, click on it. 
  • Now, sign in with your MS-linked account to the digital license. 
  • Check on the this is the device I am using now and start activation. 

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