How to create a new Yahoo Account

Yahoo has been one of the popular and well-served email service platforms. To have access to yahoo mail you need to create a yahoo account. Having a yahoo account will give you a gateway to many features like a customized homepage, address benefits, a secure platform to import and export email, and many other.

If you are looking for guidance on how to create a new yahoo account, what are the process to sign up for yahoo and other such related questions, and then you have landed in the right place. This guide gives a complete tutorial on how to sign up for yahoo in the easiest and effective ways.

Steps to create a yahoo account

  • Choose any suitable browser and visit Yahoo Homepage
  • You’ll be taken to the interface of yahoo where you need to click on 
  • Create an Account button 
  • Once you click on the create button, you will be asked to fill in some details present there such as your first and last name, username, birthday and phone number.
  • Make sure that every detail you enter is correct and accessible, especially your phone number as a phone number will be required further for two-factor authentication.
  • Once you are done entering the details, click on 
  • continue
  • After continuing, you’ll be asked to choose one option to receive a confirmation code, it can be either through secondary email, text or call.
  • As soon you’ll receive the verification code, enter it to the asked place and click on verify
  • Within a short time, your yahoo account will be ready after verification. 

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