Fix Facebook messenger not working issue.

We all know that messenger is a service provided by Facebook for its users and has not only texting services but has amazing features like stickers, emojis, themes and many other things.

But like any other service this amazing service can face some glitches and problems and the users have to face issues like my messenger is not working. Not only this but the users are also dealing with the issues like the messages of Facebook messenger are not showing and opening up. So, without any further ad, let us move to the methods to solve the problems of the Facebook messenger app. 

Ways to solve problems for Facebook messenger – 

  1. The first way the users can try is to enable the mobile data for the messenger as if the mobile data of your device is not opened then you will not be able to access the Facebook messenger and 
  1. Disabling the low data mode on your device will help you get the messages on your device so make sure to execute the steps for it carefully. 
  • After opening the settings app on the iphone device of yours you need to move to the mobile data menu. 
  • Now you have to select your primary SIM slot and then there you need to disabled the option for Low data mode from the menu that appears in front of you.

These steps will help you solve the problem of the Facebook messenger app down on your device. 


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