How to add spoiler tags on Discord?

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If you are looking for how to add a spoiler tag on discord server messages, then you have landed on the right page.

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Spoiler tags for discord Text Messages.

Sending a text message with a spoiler tag is not that geeky, by following the given instructions you simply add spoiler tags to the text message you are sending into the discord server.

Step illustrated below:-

  • Type 

"/ Spoiler" at the beginning of the text message that you want to send.

This will hide your text message until the Receiver wants to view it.

The message should be like:- "/Spoiler this is a spoiler message".

  • The other way to add a spoiler tag to your text message is by adding two vertical bars at the beginning and ending of your text message.

The message should be like:- ||this is a spoiler message||.

If you want to see a Spoiler message in a discord server, just simply click or tap it, the text message will come forward highlighted with a grey background behind it.

Spoiler tags for Media and attachments.

Same as text messages, you can also add a spoiler tag to the media files and attachments but there is a condition that you can only add spoiler tags to images and attachments sent through discord websites or discord apps for windows or mac.

Support for adding spoiler tags to media and attachments through mobile apps is not available.

To add spoiler tags to the images or attachments follow the given steps:-

  • Merely, tap on the plus sign (+) along to the chat bar or simply drag and drop the file into discord server chat.
  • Then mark the " 

Mark as Spoiler" checkbox and tap on the "Upload" button.

After your message is sent, it will arrive in Discord Spoiler tags You can disregard the spoiler view and view the file by clicking on the "Spoiler".

This will make your file normal like before aka without any Spoiler tag.


You came as a beginner and went out as an expert in adding spoiler tags to both text messages and media files.

Don't thank us! It's you who have learned so fast.

Keep it up.


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