How to fix the Snapchat crashing error?

Snapchat is a very good application that has made it easier for people to connect through its very unique feature of streaks. However, many people have complained about how Snapchat keeps crashing when they use the application. This usually happens because of the low memory of the app or the mobile device. But, there are can be other reasons for the matter too. 

So, we are going to tell you how you can use different methods to fix the issue of Snapchat crashing. 

Solutions to fix Snapchat Crashing error there 

There are many solutions that you can try when you think about why is my Snapchat crashing but, we are giving you the best solutions that will work 100 percent. 

Solution 1: Restart the Application

The most basic method that anybody can try when their Snapchat is crashing is to clear the application on the device and then close it. After some time, you need to restart the application. This simple shut on and off solves many problems with any application. This solves and repairs any crash files or errant issues the app might be facing. 

Solution 2: Restart your device 

another simple and effective way that you can use when you are thinking about why does Snapchat keeps crashing is to restart your device. You can use the power off button of your device to either switch off the phone or restart it and then can open the app again to see if it is working properly. This helps in clearing the internal memory and a result that benefits the app. 


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