How to recover zoho account

If your zoho account gets hacked or if by any chance you forget your zoho account password then do not worry the following steps will help you recover your password easily.

As the zoho account recovery procedure requires different steps on how to recover your password based on if you are admin or user ,so both steps have been provided below separately.

Reset password admin-

1) Visit the zoho sign in page and select the forgot password option.

2) Enter you zoho email address or the mobile number linked to your account and then follow the captcha steps accordingly.

3) Now you will get an option to recover your zoho account either by using your email address or your mobile number, if you choose the email option then you will receive a verification code on your email and if you choose mobile number then you will receive the verification code on your mobile. choose any of the options that seems more comfortable to you.

4) Enter your verification code in the field.

If you are an admin and want to reset the password for a user then follow the given steps:-

1) Use

2) Now to go the user details section and select the user for whom you want to reset the password.

3) Now click on change the password for the selected user and enter the new password in the given field.

4) Now you will be asked to enter your admin password, so enter your admin password in the provided field and click on ok.

5) So now the user password will reset successfully.

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